Festival of Games 2013

Can we walk on water? We don’t want to be blasphemous at Festival of Games, but we don’t believe anyone can. Can we cross the water? Yes we can and we think the time has come to cross as many waters, bridges, prairies and countries needed to help the games industry reach it’s next level.

At Festival of Games we like to focus on the business side of the gaming industry. We have surveyed our audience and asked them what they thought of as the most important opportunities and challenges for the next 12 months. To add spice to these topics we are/have been looking for speakers and key notes that have the ability to leap in their mind and help you cross those waters, bridges, prairies and whatever is in your way to become (more) successful.

The line-up of keynotes and speakers in the Creative Spirit Game Conference is a reflection of both what is going on in the games industry and at the same time opening windows of opportunity by crossing over. In each and every lecture they will be embarking on new grounds.

The quality of our speaker and keynotes is that they are experienced; they have been there before, helping for instance other fast growing industries ditch cliffs and made business easier. They are more than keen on sharing these valuable lessons and their business knowledge with you. And last but not least, they strongly believe that it is the most exciting, most profitable and most fun way moving forward.

What to expect
•Learn from industry experts from all over Europe
•Take part in more than 25 sessions of the Conference
•Take part in Seminars of the Conference
•Enjoy the full program of the Festival of Games for Talent
•Meet all the attendees at the Industry Party

More information
Do you want more information about speakers, location, register and other information take a look on the Festival of Games website.

Festival of Games 2013
Datum: woensdag 24 april 2013
Tijd: 2 dagen
Locatie: De Overkant, Amsterdam